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Tunis-Carthage Airport

Boulevard Zerktouni

Casablanca, Morocco

Warehousing & logistics solutions


Warehousing & logistics solutions

Beyond its transport services, MR Shipping Agency undertakes to offer you a complete storage service by providing you with all the means for complete logistics from the reception of your goods under customs control until their delivery. In order to better complement its services, MR Shipping Agency has embarked on the construction of its own stalls store, which will allow it to streamline flows as much as possible, to secure and optimize processes and finally to minimize costs

Afin de compléter au mieux ses services, MR Shipping Agency s’est lancée dans la construction de son propre magasin cale, ce qui va lui permettre de fluidifier les flux au maximum, de sécuriser et optimiser les processus et enfin de minimiser les coûts.